Bethany School for Girls

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Bethany school for girls – Resurrection of Christ community

Bethany School for Girls is situated just outside the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, and has been under the Order’s care for many years now. The school’s present situation is continuously dire and our work there needs reinforcement and an up scaling in presence.

On our visit to the school in early April this year we were welcomed by Mother Mary.

This school is one of the last remaining Christian outposts on the Palestinian side of the wall and it is situated in a law less country right in the middle of one the hubs for trafficking arms and drugs  in the area.

No police is present in Bethany/Al-Eizariya, the water situation is dire, food is intermittently scarce, power supplies are inconsistent at best. However, the sisters strive on, caring for the girls in an environment directly hostile to females.

The school has 435 students and the boarding school has up to 14 students.

We need to step up and put ourselves in between the Bethany school and everything threatening it. 

Background: Many years ago the school was founded by the Scottish Anglican converts Mother Mary and Mother Martha, named just like the sisters of Saint Lazarus. They converted to the Russian Orthodox church/White Russians, and this church still runs the school today.


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Our vision is to help create stability and balance for Christians in the Middle East.


Steps for Christianity has been postponed to 2021 due to current circumstances in Europe regarding covid-19. The fund-raising continues as the help is needed more than ever!
Christians are forced to leave the Holy Land. This will create an enormous imbalance, which will have a global effect regardless of faith. This development must be reversed.
Through a one-man's 8.000+ km walk, during nine months from Sweden to Jerusalem, this project will help highlight the situation for Christians in the Holy Land.
This is a huge fundraising project; we aim at one dollar per step! These funds will help Christians remain and prosper in the Holy Land. We need your help to reach this goal!
We are already on the go! The fundraising is underway, and the walking will start August 3rd 2021 from Lund in Sweden. The plan is to reach Jerusalem late April 2022.
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