Join an upcoming walk

The Steps for Christianity team are organising group walks at various places. Join a group of likeminded for a day’s walk in order to raise funds and to add to the steps count!

Online Donor

Online Donors are individuals who believe in the vision of Steps for Christianity, and would like to make a contribution towards the goal of $1 per step Towards Jerusalem.

Sponsored walk

Get your friends rallied around raising funds for Steps for Christianity by getting them to donate $1 for each step you take! See how many steps they can make you walk!

Catalyst Donor

Catalyst Donors are generous, bold, forward-looking individuals, corporations, and organizations who have each made a minimum donation of $1000 to Steps for Christianity.

Remote walk

If you rather walk at your own leisure, sign up for a remote walk, pay the attendance fee and do the walk. You’ll then receive a medal to show your contribution to Steps for Christianity.

Sponsored Donor

As a Sponsored Donor you organise an event, such as a walk near where you live, or any other challenge that your friends support. Get in touch with us and we can help promote the event.
Become physical

Join the Walk

Would you like to take a more physical part in Steps for Christianity? You are welcome to join any of the organised walks. Look at the planned route and find a walk you would like to join. If you can’t see any planned walks for your area, don’t be shy! Send us an email and let us know that you are willing to organise a walk to help raise funds. You can also set out on a solo walk and get your friends to donate a sum for each kilometer you walk. Finally, you can join the fundraising by attending a remote walk where you choose when and where you walk, send the set sum and receive a medal.

Email the team for help setting up an organised walk or a solo walk: