Catalyst Donor

Catalyst Donors are generous, bold, forward-looking individuals, corporations, and organizations who have each made a minimum donation of $1000 to Steps for Christianity.

Sponsored Donor

As a Sponsored Donor you organise an event, such as a walk near where you live, or any other challenge that your friends support. Get in touch with us and we can help promote the event.

Online Donor

Online Donors are individuals who believe in the vision of Steps for Christianity, and would like to make a contribution towards the goal of $1 per step Towards Jerusalem.


Help spreading the word about Steps for Christianity! The more who know about it the more money we will be able to raise together, as well as spreading the word about this remarkable journey.

Light a Candle in Jerusalem

Would you like a candle lit in Jerusalem? Your donation will go towards the 8 million steps for Christianity as well as a candle lit especially for you. If you would like a prayer said when lighting the candle, please click this option and type your prayer in the comments box.
Become physical

Join the Walk

Would you like to take a more physical part in Steps for Christianity? You are welcome to join Jörgen on a stretch of the walk. Look at the planned route and find a stretch you would like to walk together with Jörgen. Bear in mind that the route may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. Any co-walker must organise their own accommodation if joining for more than one day.

N.B. Jörgen walks between 20 and 40 km a day, it is your sole responsibility that you can keep up. The planning does not allow last minute changes as that can throw off the plans for two weeks of walking.

One day of walking $20

Event day (such as arriving to a capital city) $500

The final day, arriving at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem $5000

Email the team with your query: