New team member!

New team member!

To our delight our dear friend Eran Frenkel, founder of, is coming onboard as a volunteer team member!

Eran Frenkel, Jerusalem Experience

We have known Eran since the last walk and he made a beautiful video of Jörgen’s very last day of walking. When Pilgrimage for Peace came to an end Eran was there to make a video that has been the joy for so many and Jörgen is using it every time he gives a seminar. People always are quite moved by the emotions captured by Eran.

Eran runs Jerusalem Experience which offers very personalized guided tours in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. On his web site he have an extensive library of free video content for everybody to enjoy. It is almost like going on a pilgrimage to watch the very exclusive films. We highly recommend Eran’s work. Not all professional guide services in the Holy Land offers free videos with the high quality Eran provides.

His loving heart shines through in Steps for Christianity too! Eran has offered to throughout the walk edit and to put his professional touch to the video material produced by Jörgen on the road. These videos will then be published on the we site and in social media. It is a huge work load taken off of the teams shoulders by Eran. We can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate having him onboard!