Finnish team members!

Finnish team members!

Presentation of volunteers from Finland!

We are thrilled to have our Finnish team members onboard! Both Pekka and Peter have tremendous importance when it comes to walking through Finland and they are bringing a huge network to the project.

We give them warm hugs and give them an equally warm welcome!

Rev. Dr. Pekka Lindqvist

Pekka Lindqvist is doctor in theology and teaches exegesis and judaic studies at university at Åbo Akademi Universitet, Finland. He is also lutheran pastor.

Rev. Peter Eriksson

Peter is a pastor for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland. He studied Theology at the Swedish language Åbo Akademi University in Turku, and it was through academic contacts he became acquainted with Steps for Christianity. Peter currently works as a youth minister in the Finnish Turku Cathedral parish a stone’s throw away from his alma mater. He has also worked as a parish priest in the Swedish-speaking Åland Islands and served as a conscript pastor during his military service.