Fundraising Örebro!

Fundraising Örebro!

Today we broke all time high and the donations kept coming in long after Jörgen left the seminar in Örebro this weekend. We can not express how delighted we are to have a cooperation with the wonderful people in the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Gold Pilgrim
1000 steps/$1000

We would like to highlight a few who went the extra mile to help out in this huge project. First of all we would like to send our deepest respect to Suleyman Kurt himself for his pioneer donation some months back which qualifies him for a Bronze Pilgrim. The congregation of Saint Maria Church which qualify for a Silver Pilgrim!!

A further special thank you to Ishak Kurt and Simon Kurt, who both qualify for a Bronze Pilgrim!

Today’s meeting and fundraising seminar in Örebro, Sweden, was a flat out success! By invitation from the Chairman of the Board for the Syriac Orthodox Church in Sweden and Scandinavia, Suleyman Kurt, Jörgen went to Örebro.

Silver Pilgrim
500 steps/$500

He got out of bed early, even though he was instructed to come around 10 AM. However, he had an idea of his own. The Orthodox liturgy is very nice and a Sunday Mass even better so Jörgen decided to join the service early.

The lady who welcomed the early birds to the liturgy told Jörgen that he was too early and that he did not have to arrive until 10 and Jörgen answered the lady: -”If one can not find time for God, then there is little reason to have any more time at all.”

After the lovely service held by Father Jacob and all the assisting functions it was time for the seminar and Jörgen was quite on his toes to make this a good one. This is when Jörgen was ”Middle Easterned”. He was given a considerable shorter time than he had anticipated and things just had to be forced forward!

Bronze Pilgrim
100 steps/$100

Jörgen went into battle mode and performed a very down to earth presentation of Steps for Christianity in record time. Not only did he describe the horrors of Christian persecution in a time frame normally suitable for 100 meters in the Olympics, he also managed to squeeze in the help projects, the walking plan and all the other essentials.

Finally back home Jörgen was relaxing late in the evening thinking that this might actually work in the long run. The walking all of a sudden feels much more light even though it certainly won’t be. The fundraising is moving into the next phase!