Do you care about your roots?

Do you care about your roots?

We live in a world where the western leaders will fail to help the Christian situation in the Holy Land and in the Middle East, the leftists think of the Christians as too Christian and the rightists think of the same people as just too foreign. This is a very sad situation and this is where you come in and have the chance to make a difference!

Right now educated people are raging in Sweden since the Swedish National Agency for Education launched an idea of skipping teaching about Antiquity. The need to maintain the roots in the educational system has stirred up quite a fuss. And rightly so.

It is easy to see the parallel to the need to maintain the roots of Christianity. The western society is resting on a bed rock of the principles of Christianity. Without Christianity we would have been a very different sort of society. And we certainly need to care for those roots and our heritage!

To create an equal ruckus for the need of a maintained Christian presence in the Holy Land and the Middle East has proven somewhat more difficult. In the polarised public debate there are simply just room for one issue at a time. And the issues chosen by the public debate rarely has any bearing towards a good consensus solution for the problem at hand.

This is where we come in! We see the issues needing attention. We see how we can address the problems. And we know how to do it without interfering in political, religious and ethnic boundaries.

If you also see things the way we do, if you acknowledge the slaughtering and persecution of Christians, then you most definitely should come onboard Steps for Christianity. Then we can make a difference together!