Day 21 The Sun and I…and Kathrin

When you walk far distances like I do you get dependant on the weather. It can be so lovely and it can be totally and utterly painful, cold and horrible. Today it was lovely as you will be able to see in my video. If you sign up for the newsletter…;-) I was looking forward to a quite short walk, just some 17 km. And the sun was shining like never before. On the the ground there was just 2-3 cm of snow and on the walkway was almost none. So I had a pleasant day walking and when I reached Lauenbrück I was welcomed by Kathrin’s father because Kathrin herself had gone to Hamburg to enjoy a cabaret. Such trivia didn’t stop her from

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hosting me! I had the evening for myself in her flat and the next morning we had breakfast together. When I was to take off, Kathrin and her boyfriend decided to join me for a while and walked with me down to Sheeßel. That was perhaps one of the many “best parts” of the pilgrimage yet!

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