Day 20 Tostedt

I arrived a little early to Tostedt but that was ok. I got myself a little something to eat but I would soon learn that my host for the night already had a plan for not getting hungry… Aileen welcomed me in the best of ways and she cooked me food enough to have me running, not walking, all the way to Rome. At least! We spent the whole night talking about everything and I went to bed with my stomach full and with a smile on my face. The next morning she wanted to show me around the Tostedt area and I happily accepted. We visited the church and other historic buildings and I learned that Napoleon actually for a while had his nightquaters in Tostedt. She also told a few stories about the area during WWII. They had huge storage facilities for ammunition in the Tostedtarea and of course the allied forces tried to bomb them. Up to this day there are some forests around Tostedt were children aren’t allowed to play because of unexploded bombs in the terrain. It was a very nice stay and I

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hope I will be able to host Aileen myself someday. After we said goodbye I headed south towards Lauenbrück.


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