Meeting with Cardinal Arborelius

Meeting with Cardinal Arborelius

This morning Jörgen attended a lecture held by Cardinal Anders Arborelius where Jörgen found some very relevant points for Steps for Christianity, strengthening our belief that this project is the right way to go!

The priest Urban Hagberg, close to Jörgen and Rebecca, gave Jörgen a tip about the upcoming weekend in his hometown Hässleholm. The event called ”Kyrkornas mötesplats, den ekumeniska bönehelgen”, in English ”The meeting place of the Churches, the ecumenical weekend of prayer”, was visited by His Eminence Cardinal Andres Arborelius.

The cardinal began the event by giving a lecture called ”A man in accordance with the heart of God”. It was a very down to earth and sincere lecture about all men’s relation with God and the journey each man performs during his lifetime.

First of all, and probably most important, is the fact that no matter how successful anyone is in his secular ambitions, no matter how rich, important, famous you are you are still a beggar in your spiritual search. Jesus came into this world as a beggar as Mary and Joseph searched for a room to stay, and were offered none. It is the same for each and everyone of us regarding our spiritual development, and when we turn to God and pray we are doing so with nothing worth anything from the secular world that can help us find Jesus.

On top of this basic fact we also received the message that each man continuously need to restart himself in this search. We are all weak, in terms of spirituality, and therefore we need to work with it through our whole life.

Jörgen found similarities, which in a high degree are applicable to Steps for Christianity. Submitting to God and the needs of the weak and helpless puts the whole project in a begging position. As have been mentioned before, the project can on a physical level succeed. As long as Jörgen’s legs will carry him he will reach the Holy Land. Very little can thwart that very down to earth ambition.

The fundraising campaign however is quite something else. There are no tools to get you to commit to this. There is no force to use to make the fundraiser successful. It comes down to the bleak reality in that all there is to do is beg. To pray that you will look inside yourself and find the will to take part and commit to the project.

It is a humbling situation indeed! Not only is Jörgen submitting to God in this endeavor, he and the team are indeed submitting to you and your good will.

Listening to His Eminence was a very inspiring experience and after the lecture Jörgen was given the opportunity and privilege to meet with the Cardinal and to introduce Steps for Christianity. We hope and pray for further meetings with the Cardinal, especially so since His Eminence has been appointed by Pope Francis to lead the ecumenical work within the Vatican towards Christian unity. This makes for fruitful conversations since Steps for Christianity is all about Christian unity and the balance between the three Abrahamic religions.

His Eminence Cardinal Anders Arborelius and Jörgen Nilsson, founder and walker of Steps for Christianity.