Days of hope

The last couple of days has been like an emotional

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roller coaster ride. I haven’t been able to keep my blog and Facebook page updated and frankly I didn’t care so much for that.

When I recieved the news that my daughter was heading to Gothenburg for a since long needed lung transplant, I was overwhelmed with both happiness and fear. It is a very complicated surgery and there is so much that can go wrong.

So far nothing hasn’t and that of course is a great relief. I have encountered several tough situations in my life but walking alone in the rain in the German countryside with the knowledge that my daughter is under some maybe life threathening surgery has been the worst.

I was grateful for my good training in crisis situations. It helped me keep my sanity. There is always hope and always one last thread to cling to At one point I started singing. It must have been a strange sight for the passing cars seeing this oddly dressed Swede walking in the rain singing and whisteling. They should only know that I was singing Monty Python’s Always look at the bright side of life…:-)

There will be a gap in the blog and that is just the way it is. My lovely Couchsurfing hosts are not forgotten, I just haven’t been able to produce something for you to read. I will keep my notes about Tatjana, Hannes, Jan and all the rest for my book and I believe that this particular chapter will be worth reading!

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