Day 84 Chateaurenard

I knew when I was approaching Chateaurenard that it was situated a bit off grid. And it was about to be worse.

I came to the town when it was still daylight. I had sent a text message to my host to get in touch but was still awaiting a reply. Time went on and on and I started to feel a little stress.

After night fall I got in touch with Rebecca to get some

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help finding an alternative place to stay. It wasn’t easy. Almost everything was fully booked and when we finally found a place to stay it was almost bedtime.

Just before putting the lights out I got a text message from my host wondering where I was. A text message from a different number than I got from him earlier….:-(

One thought on “Day 84 Chateaurenard”

  1. Eran Frenkel says:


    I read about your pilgrimage to Jerusalem and I am supporting you for your brave act to walk all the way to Jerusalem…. and for peace. I have a website with videos that I am making and editing all by myself about the holy places in Jerusalem for Christians and I welcome you to visit it and watch videos – it will give you strength as you could see what a wonderful and holy city you are going to visit. I would also like to meet you in Jerusalem …so please contact me via email.

    Be Strong.


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