Day 83 Pujaut

It took me a while before I learned to pronounce this village name. It’s like the name of the French car exept it’s not…;-)

The Grand family is just an ordinary family, wife, husband and two children. They just happen to have this name. Christelle and Arnaud gave me a royal welcome. I was their first Couchsurfer ever and that is an important responsibility to shoulder. I sure don’t wan’t to discourage them…;-)

We enjoyed a great evening, fantastic food and when I was going to bed I was going to sleep on the first floor in the house. It is a vaulted cellar! You know me and what I think about castles and such! It was like going to sleep in a little boys dream!

Needless to say I slept like a baby and after a nice breakfast it was time to say goodbye. When I left Christelle made sure I brought along some of her fantastic homemade chocolate cookies…;-)

I will be awaiting your Couchsurfing request when I get back home!

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