Day 66 Celebrating St Vincent in Vosne-Romanee

Peer insisted that I should stay for a bit because it was a very special day. He gave me a hint or two but I really didn’t get the full picture.

The morning started with all of us walking over to the neighbour Domaine. They had kept the Saint for the past year and now it was going to be kept by Domaine Méo Camuzet for the following year. Given that the village has 25 Domaines you can imagine the amount of luck I had managing to pass just when I did!

Carrying the Saint to church for the traditional service was the next event. Enjoying a genuine catholic service was a very nice experience for me.

Then we continued to the Domaine’s winehouse where all from the village enjoyed an aperitif and some hors d’oeuvre. We also got to taste some of the Domaine’s wine.

After that we all gathered for the traditional dinner party. When 25 Domaines gather and each and everyone bring the best wine from their own production, you can imagine how much wine that is in circulation and since all want to present their wine as the best, the quality leaves nothing to want or desire.

Unfortunately I had to leave early because I had to reach Meursault before night fall…

Vosne Romanée is a memory I will never forget!

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