Day 66 Birthday dinner

I had not so much information to go on and didn’t really know what to expect when I approached Meursault.

My Confrére James Parry was the master mind behind it all. He had read my web page (thank you for that!) and there he found out that I should be passing through Meursault. After that he started to do the math and created a plan, and as it turned out, a really good one.

I arrived at Les Magnolias, the residence of H.E. Count de Évora in the afternoon and was given a warm welcome. After been shown my accomodation I was instructed to be ready in the fantasticly decorated salon by 8 pm for an aperitif.

When I entered the salon I noticed that they were all dressed in white tie!! I didn’t know what to make of that and I really felt awkward. There I stood in field uniform and boots… 🙂 Given the circumstances I was of course as well dressed as I could and no excuse was required.

We all sat down and talked and then I learned that I, unknowingly, had walked straight into the Count’s birthday celebration! That was why they all had dressed up so.

After a tremendous evening and a warmth and hospitality that certainly was second to none I went to bed and had a good nights sleep.

In the morning I had breakfast with my brothers (listed below) and at the table they gave me a gift. It was a donation for the journey!! Thank you so much for the support! Right then H.E. Count de Évora entered the kitchen and also he gave me a gift. I opened it later in the evening at it was a small book of prayers. In Swedish! Printed in 1963!! Thank you Sir for that wonderful gift!

All in all I would like to thank all below for a great reception. I will keep this memory with joy and gratefulness.

Conf James Rogers SBLJ

Conf José de la Cruz SBLJ MMLJ

Conf James Parry SBLJ

HE Chev Aaron Kiely GCLJ GCMLJ, Grand Secretary

HE The Count de Évora GCLJ GOMLJ, Héraut d’Armes

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