Day 37 Sven and Christmas

In Solingen I was staying with a guy called Sven. I arrived a bit early and went on a food hunt. Don’t try that on December 24th in Germany. Everything is closed except the bigger places like Burger King. When you are on foot after a long day’s walk, long walks trying to find something to eat is not at the top of the list What-I-Really-Want-To-Do.

After a while I met up with Sven and he drove us to BK. It’s not proper food but it had to do for the moment. Things would change for the better, much better…

Sven was spending Christmas eve with his mother, Hannelore, and her friend Werner. I was also invited! We had a marvelous evening together with traditional food, lots of laughs and I even got a little gift too!  Thank you so much for a great evening!

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