Day 23 Getting to Schweringen… somehow

I left Verden in a good mood. Spending yesterday afternoon with Bertie, Sylvia and their little son was revitalizing. We discussed everything between the war in Syria to which detergent to choose so that little Bosse wouldn’t get rashes…;-)

Now I headed towards Schweringen, some 25 km straight south of Verden. I was going to walk on a separated walkway, and I must say that the German’s have made plenty of those, which I have come to appreciate more and more. When I come home I will do what I can to get more of those back home in Sweden.

It felt really good walking today. It was supposed to snow but it didn’t, not to start with anyhow, but the snow started to fall around noon. Just tiny flakes and they didn’t melt on me which was very good. I like the small little things in life nowadays…;-)

The walk was pretty straight forward and nothing could go wrong, there were no wrong turns to be made and I could just focus on walking and thinking. Oh, that was a truth that would be tested!

As I approached Gandesbergen and was about to turn right to make a swift crossing over the river Weser I found out that the ferry that normaly take people across the river, well, they are NOT operated during the winter… The nearest bridge was to be found in Hoya, some 9 km up northwest, which I, by the way, passed two hours earlier!! Now I had to go back and make a little de-tour for some 16 km.

Fortuneatly I found a nice lady at a petrolstation who was going in my direction. So, I managed to save both my feet and some time. I was dropped off just north of Bücken and then I had just some 5 km left which was more or less what I had had left on the other side of the Weser.
That my friends is an ordinary day in the pilgrimage!

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