Day 109 in Serre & day 110 in Sicignano

The rain just kept falling and as if that wasn’t enough I was now climbing high up in the mountains (again(!)). Trying to stay dry is rather pointless when you are actually walking in clouds.

Serre is a lovely little village and I can reveal that you can find the best pizza Diavola there! Molto piccante!

When I came to Sicignano, which took quite some practicing to pronounce, I was wet. Really wet. All my gear was wet. But that didn’t matter at all because I was welcomed by Lucio Scala!

Lucio is a really nice guy and the only Couchsurfing host in the area. He knows all that you would like to know about the mountains, Paestum, Pompeji and other nice places one might want to visit. He showed me pictures and it looked quite lovely so I will have to return some day and let Lucio be my guide. This pilgrimage is not for sightseeing.

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