Yesterday the very first newsletter went out! It was somewhat nerve wrecking before we could push the SEND button but now it´s done. I hope you all enjoyed it and if you have questions or perhaps some feedback feel free to comment on Facebook or send me an e-mail! The newsletter contained some information about the departure from Lund next Sunday and I will clarify it all below to straighten out any questions.


The cathedral in Lund

When: November 18

We will gather 09:00 and mingle for a while. 09:30 Pastor Per Arne Joelsson will hold a service and give a blessing to the pilgrimage. I will receive a pilgrimage letter issued by Dean Håkan E Wilhelmsson. After the service we reassemble outside the cathedral where there will be coffee and perhaps some snacks.

When all goodbyes are said and all the hugging is done I will start the walk down to Jerusalem and all of you are of course welcome to join me!

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