Three weeks of waiting

It´s a lovely Sunday morning with clear sky, no wind and it´s crispy outdoors. The temperature went down to 5 below zero Celsius this night so my hope to walk with frost a couple of days behind me is gone I suppose. The upside is that everything is not wet at least. I think I will get my fair share of rain a bit further down in Europe. Anyhow, the weather might still change, I´ve seen mild and warm Decembers before.

Today it´s exactly three weeks to the big day, The Departure!  Rebecca told me yesterday that would like to see me on my way now. Not because she want me gone, but it has been so much work with the preparations and both she and myself are now prepared mentally. But we have more things to do before I walk away and I believe that when the big day comes closer, we will feel that we would have needed more prep time.

The picture in this blog post shows the view from my office at home.

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