Day 17 So tired but mostly happy

I have now been resting for two full days. I’ve been eating properly and, of course, slept a lot. I did get a few good moments in Hamburg last Sunday together with the Dreßlers but that is about it when it comes to sightseeing. Yesterday I didn’t leave my room in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church for more than to eat and have some conversations with Nisse Renman, the Swedish priest here in Hamburg. Today I have been out for short walks within say a 500 meter radius from the church. I’ve done some shopping for food so I’ll manage the next 7-10 days. It will keep me going between my stays for each night. The stay here with Nisse and his wife Ida has been just what I needed. Last week was a tough week to get through! Tomorrow I will start walking again, my short “testwalks” today really felt ok. Not fantastic, but ok. My next stop for rest will be in Steyerberg! Forward, forward!

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