Day of recovery

The first week is at an end.

Right now I’m i Presen, Germany. It’s a very small village just south of the port of Puttgarden. It has been an extraordinary week in so many ways. If my feet could talk during my short videos all you would hear would be: beep…beeep…beeep

The first week has truly been a couchsurfingweek. All of my nights in Denmark I was welcomed home to people to stay for the night. Absolutely amazing! So I would like to give my sincere thanks to:

They all are wonderful people!

One thought on “Day of recovery”

  1. Torfinn & Wendela says:

    Vi följer dig Jörgen… Vi ger dig alla goda välsignelser på din långa vandring…..
    Stor kram från oss två gamlingar..