Day 76 Saint Vallier and the French cuisine

I had to wait for a while when I came to St Vallier. Hubert, husband of my host, Célie, had to work until late in the afternoon. Célie herself had to work even longer.

While waiting I searched and searched the town for something to eat. I failed. It is litterarily impossible to get something to eat in France between two o’clock pm and seven in the evening!!

The famous French kitchen may be world famous and state of the art. I wouldn’t know.

The culture the French people are so proud of is most certainly fantastic but like I said, I wouldn’t know. The culture has opening hours that really don’t fit my needs.

Hubert, however, invited me to a much better culture! His cooking skills leaves nothing to want and we enjoyed a really good meal in the evening. I dare to say that the company around the table is as important as the food. And the food was in itself fantastic!!

Thank you Célie and Hubert!

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