Day 58 Mirabelle and Hercule Poirot

In Saulxures Les Vannes or more correctly in Swedish, Sållzürr Lö Vann, I was staying at Claire’s place. She share her flat with two other girls and the are all students of different kinds of art. Mostly within glass and ceramics if I got the right picture.

They were great hosts all of them and I had a great time there. In the evening we were having supper with some of the girl’s friends. It was a full house! The day after one of the girls made a pie. She asked me if I knew what “Poirot” was. Of course I answered. Who hasn’t heard of the famous Belgian detective?! Hercule Poirot….

Well, in this context she meant the vegetable,”poireau”…;-) she was making a pie with it. They thought that was very funny… 🙂 and of course they wanted me to taste the pride of the region, Mirabelle! It’s a very strong liqour and tasted quite nice.

Thank you for everything!

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