Day 44 New Years Eve in Rohr

Again my Couchsurfing host was not at all my host! Mona Kreutz fixed me up for a stay with her parents, Udo and Beate.

They were perhaps not well experienced Couchsurfing hosts but their hospitality is second to none! In the evening we all went over to the neighbour Monica who was the party’s mastermind and organizer. There is was a full house with at least ten teenagers!

After we finished eating Udo said it was time for the traditional football game. I’ve never seen this game before but since the German football team had “lost” against the Swedish a couple of weeks before with the score 4-4, I was more or less forced to a replay…;-)

Udo defended the German coulours well and I had to fight for the silver in the tournament. Hermann and I played a gentlemen’s game which he lost…:-)

I had a wonderful time in Rohr but I also missed home very much this particular night.

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