Day 33 Dr. Wolfgang Weindel

When I arrived in Hamm I was going to see Wolfgang at his clinic because he was working. Finally there I was offered a coffee. It was obvious to me that the Christmas holiday is coming up due to the mountain of chocolate and gingerbread they had in the cafeteria at the clinic.

Soon we were walking to his place and when we got there he showed me where I would sleep. Then he made me supper. Turkish style pizza with white wine. It was a winning concept!

We talked a lot and it was great to discuss with someone with such a fascinating background. He originates from Bretagne, raised in Süddeutschland and is now married to a woman from Turkey. He had a quite wide frame of reference!

I was very tired and had to excuse myself much to early, I feel now that I would like to share many more stories with Wolfgang. I hope we will someday, and then I’ll do the cooking. Or perhaps I will go to Izmir to have some of Wolfgang’s special Halal Currywurst that he has invented. He is not only a doctor, he is also an entrepreneur!

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