Day 30 Resting in “Nirwana”

All the comotion with my daughter’s lung transplant was quite a hand full to deal with. When I arrived to Nottbeck, inoffically called Nirwana, and the Gedwien family I was exhausted, both physically and mentally. Andrea gave me a very warm welcome and she handled the fact that she had a big stranger from Sweden crying at her dinner table very well.

I was only supposed to be staying for one night in Nottbeck but since I wasn’t feeling very well I asked if it was alright if I stayed for another night and so it was agreed. I think Andrea could see the condition I was in and she is a very warm and wise woman.

We talked and talked and I learned that Jürgen and Andrea, who’s children have left the nest, have sold their house and bought a new home. On wheels! They have decided to quit their jobs and sell more or less everything they own to be able to roam Europe for a year or two and THEN take their mobile home to Costa Rica!!!

And people are calling me crazy!

It was so fun to share stories with Jürgen and Andrea and it also took my attention for a while which was good. When we said goodbye I felt that we really had connected and they have promised to come and visit me and my family in Sweden which I really look forward to.

The whole experience made me come to think of the good Samarita!

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