Day 155 Reaching Jerusalem

Day 155 Reaching Jerusalem

The final day of walking! At least to reach Jerusalem, read more in a later blog post… It is hard to describe the feeling I was having. So many kilometers, so many steps, so many challenges. And to be able to hug my Rebecca. Not to mention all the impressions from the journey, all of my new friends. This probably has to develop into the book I´ve been thinking of.

In the morning I met up with Rebecca and Philippe. And some journalists. This was just the start in getting to know media… The walk, well, at least for some of us, was a delight in the pouring rain. In the afternoon I was in for quite a surprise. Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur and a media possé waited in Jaffa Gate! During a period of five minutes there were taken more photos of me than ever taken of me in my life before. A little bit crazy. It´s was heartwarming to meet Fiona, Lydia and Caroline as well as members from the order and all the rest of the people there. I would like to mention one very nice guy, Eran Frenkel, who throughout the day was filming the walk for his web site, Jerusalem He was very helpful and generous. The arrival to Jaffa Gate was however just the beginning of a very special week…

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