Coexistence and Balance

Coexistence and Balance

It is a joy to see that the fundraising now works, donations are coming in! Here we would like to a special thanks to Jenny Segeljakt, Lucas Antonio and Raian Jergis. You are among the first. You are the example. Thank you!

A lot of work is now being put into creating the communicated message. Lots of people do not understand the importance of this project and why should they?

The problems in the Holy Land are for many in the Western and Northern hemisphere very abstract, a long way from themselves. People are living well organised lives were work, family life and all the day to day struggle on a personal level are front and center. The way it should be.

However, the problems for the Christian communities throughout the Near and Middle East are a very clear and present danger to that very lifestyle. In Germany, in Norway and in Sweden. The implications from a Middle East in turmoil will eventually reach Europe. No one will escape the consequences of a Jerusalem with no Christians left.

This is a complex situation. It is hard to fully grasp and understand what everyone is risking by not addressing these issues. They can not be described by simple one-liners. To fully commit to the possible solutions takes energy, time and the ability to step out of the comfort zone and see the world for what it is.

Telling the true story about these problems is, apart from walking a very long road, the work we have to do during Steps for Christianity. We are going to tell you about the situation in Jerusalem and we are going to tell you what you can do to get involved and to help keeping the balance there.

Coexistence and balance are the key words in this project and in our communication. Why, you might ask? There is many answers to that question and you will get all of them along the way. We will tell you about the historical point of view as well as the modern day presence of the Order of Saint Lazarus in Jerusalem. The answers are not new, we can not claim the invention of our message. But we know them to be true, we know them to be of ancient origin and we know that our message will have an impact on Jerusalem of today.

We would like to quote His Beatitude Patriarch Fuad Twal, who in Washington Report, March 2011, stated: ”the future of the Church in the Holy Land is now in doubt unless fellow Christians around the world step up efforts to help them.”

No one can do everything, but everybody can do something.

Your help is needed. You can step up too.