Clothes and such

Right now TB DESIGN is working with getting my clothes for the walk into shape. The clothes I´ll be wearing are in short copies of the Swedish standard issue uniform but instead of camouflage coloured it´s black and Tina will embroider the Pilgrimage logo onto it among other things.

At the same time my new sponsor, Selanders Guld och Silversmide AB, have joined the project and will support it by making a small badge in silver with the eight pointed cross on it. It is a remarkable contribution and I can´t really tell you how much I appreciate this. The silver smith master, Bo-Lennart, and I have known each other for over a decade now and he has done many fine pieces for me in the past and I´m truly grateful to have him and his company on board.

When it comes to the medals there just might be something going on…

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