Day 14 Wet and cold

The walk from Reinfeld to Schiphorst was supposed to be both short and comfortable. It was neither. The snowing from yesterday had left something looking and feeling like Slush Ice on the ground. And snow from above had turned to rain. I have good clothes for this kind of weather but that doesn’t help against sweating, so if I’m not wet from the outside, I’m wet from the inside. I arrived to Schiphorst at three o’clock and due to an error in communication I didn’t know exactly where my host for the night lived. I tried to reach her by phone, sms and mail but without any luck. I waited at a busstop where I at least had a roof over my head for two and a half hours while repeatedly trying to get in touch with my host. Then I had to make a descision, and it was to go to the next village where I could find a B&B. Finally indoors I could get warmth and comfort. It was a bit of action drama in the Pilgrimage.

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