Day 13 Out of time and luck

I left Scharbeutz with my spirits high in a mild snowstorm. The snowing didn’t last for more than an hour and a half, then the sun came through the clouds. What a feeling! Every step was suddenly much lighter. When I approached the small village Riesebusch my left foot was causing some trouble again but I ignored it and pressed on for Lübeck. There I was going to spending the night in a hostel. But when I arrived the hostel was full due to everyone spending a Christmas week end in lovely Lübeck. So I continued walking the the old town in Lübeck. Fascinating place! I was a bit to tired to actually enjoy the greatness of it all but I took some photos at least. I must come back here as a tourist some day. So I was back at the problem with shelter for the night. It was late and I really needed to rest. A certain level of stress is a good motivator. Finally I ended up in Reinfeld tomorrow I’m heading for Schiphorst.

One thought on “Day 13 Out of time and luck”

  1. peermediation says:

    Hallo Jorgen,
    I am sorry, I did not check my mails and read just now, you wanted to stay in my house. I certainly would have been giving you a bed! If it is not too late: please contact me by email: I will look into my mails tomorrow morning 7.30 and when I com home from work at about 3 pm!
    I wish you the best for your pilgrimage!!

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