I would like to give my sincere thanks to the good people below. They have chosen to support this pilgrimage in various ways and I’m profoundly grateful!

Pär Ola KCLJ OMLJ & Lotta SLJ Dahlin

Johan Fogelström

Eva Julin

Alpha Dogs: Swanson, Nord, Ivarsson & Bertilsson. Who also walked the first 20 km with Jörgen.

Conf Peter Dibéus, SBLJ

HE General Kent Harrskog GCLJ, GOMLJ

Conf Ola Hagberg SBLJ

Moa Nilsson

Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem – Commandery of Great Britain

Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem – Commandery of Great Britain

Conf James Parry, SBLJ

 Göran och Gittan Björkenrud
Other contributors:
Johannes Jeppsson
Simon Grimberg
Rebecca Agronius
Maria Ryrbäck
Jari Kuuttinen
Mattias Bengtsson
Achim Pauls
Stefan Scheer
HE Chev Aaron Kiely, GCLJ GCMLJ, Grand Secretary
Jonas Arnell
Luca Andrea Sconosciuto
Susie Anger-Söderberg
Chris Bridgwater
Jim Nilsson
Regina Wanner
Göran Blomberg

Marc Fabré
Conf José de la Cruz, SBLJ MMLJ
HE The Count de Évora GCLJ GOMLJ, Héraut d’Armes
Dr Joe Webb
Thomas E Fuchs
Erik Björkman
Hans Åberg
Thierry Martz
Martin & Sofia Agronius
Tobias Ryrbäck
Conf James Rogers, SBLJ
Dennis Tuvesson
Peter Langerbäck
Catharina Blomberg
Anders Svensson


Below we present the companies that have chosen to support Pilgrimage for Peace. We are very grateful for them helping making this come true!

Selanders Gold & Silver smith was founded i Hässleholm in 1886. In 1992 the current owner, master gold and silver smith Bolennart Olsson, took over the shop. Through an outstanding knowledge and craftmanship Bolennart and his team can help you with any form of design. They gladly take on bespoke designs from your own ideas. Visit them at Nytorget in Hässleholm or at Vädergränd 2 in Ystad, Sweden or visit them on

Why Pilgrimage for Peace? When little my mother gave me many proverbs and one of them was: If you can, you shall. By this my mother meant that if you can help someone, then you shall as long as it hasn’t got a negative effect on you. All my life I have tried to live by this and I know Jörgen to be a humble and kind person and if I can help a little, well, then so I shall. //Bolennart Olsson

TB Design is a embroidery and sewing company in central Malmö. No job is too small or too big. Quality and service are the lead words.

Why Pilgrimage for Peace? When approached by Jörgen, Tina at TB Design instantly saw the importance of this cause and gladly helped with the embroidery of the jackets Jörgen will be wearing on the pilgrimage.


Projektbyrån i Hässleholm is a counsultant bureau within event management in Sweden. We have extensive experience from smaller one day seminars to big trade shows throughout Scandinavia.

Why Pilgrimage for Peace? The reason we are working with Pilgrimage for Peace is that is a fantastic adventure for a cause that is incredibly important. We all must be able to live in peace, underdstanding and respect for eachother. We are very proud to be part of this enormous mission by contributing with what we can. We hope you too will be able to give something towards the success of this pilgrimage!