I’m a member of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. The order was founded in 1098 in Jerusalem and has managed to survive through the centuries. Back in the days, all were welcome to the hospitals managed by the Order. Skincolour and religious belief was of no consequence, all were treated equally. Today the Order is involved in humanitarian aid all around the world and the same virtues are still present. The Swedish Grand Priory is a great contributor to two different medical clinics and a school in Africa.

The return to the roots of the Order

”The Order of Saint Lazarus in our time has come home to Jerusalem, where the Church was founded at Pentecost following Our Lord’s Resurrection and Ascension in glory, and has restored its magistral seat to the city where it too began. We return not as crusaders but as servants of Our Lord, going beyond man-made boundaries, as he did, to care for the poor and the sick of any race or creed. For the duty of a knight is to protect what is sacred – not only the holy places but the living stones which make up the Body of Christ.”

– Quote from the Jerusalem Declaration 2012

The Order returned to The Holy Land this year. After several hundreds of years we are now finally back to the place of the Orders origin. Celabrating this is a part of Pilgrimage for Peace – Towards Jerusalem. I have chosen to walk under the colours of my Order because I feel that, both the Christian way which we cherish and the contemporary work that we do, suits this cause very well.

You can visit both the Swedish Grand Priorys webpage as well as the international webpage with the links below. There you can read more about the works that’s being done globally.