A plan for a new pilgrimage!

This time, after a successful first Pilgrimage for Peace, the aim is even higher.

12,000+ kilometers, 17 countries, 17 heads of state.

Here is the preliminary list of capitals along the walk which makes the route.

Stockhom – Copenhagen
Copenhagen – Berlin
Berlin – Amsterdam
Amsterdam – Brussels
Brussels – London
London – Paris
Paris – Andorra la Vella
Andorra la Vella – Madrid
Madrid – Lisbon
Lisbon – Rabat
Rabat – Algiers
Algiers – Tunis
Tunis – Tripoli
Tripoli – Cairo
Cairo – Amman
Amman – Jerusalem

After that I will return to Stockholm.

In each and every country I will pay the head of state a visit. They will all recieve a symbolic gift, representing our need of open borders, free trade and open mindedness. All important parts in a lasting peace.

As you can see this journey will go through some potentially high risk environments, fully intentionally. Talking about peace on completely safe ground is one thing, doing so in a not so safe environment is another. Be sure to make this manifestation a successful one, please donate you too!