>>The Google map of Pilgrimage for Peace 2012-13 <<

A second Pilgrimage for Peace might start on the stairs of the church Storkyrkan in Stockholm, Sweden. After 630 kilometers I would reach Copenhagen.

Stockhom – Copenhagen
Copenhagen – Berlin
Berlin – Amsterdam
Amsterdam – Brussels
Brussels – London
London – Paris
Paris – Andorra la Vella
Andorra la Vella – Madrid
Madrid – Lisbon
Lisbon – Rabat
Rabat – Algiers
Algiers – Tunis
Tunis – Tripoli
Tripoli – Cairo
Cairo – Amman
Amman – Jerusalem

After that I would return to Stockholm.

I’d walk a daily distance of around 25-35 kilometers depending on how strong I feel, the next stop for the night, weather etc. Each day you’d be able to follow me as I proceed through Europe and Africa. On this webpage you’d be able to see where I am, enjoy my video blog, read my posts and interact with me.

My plans for the next coming week would be published weekly so to keep track of me you’d have to revisit my webpage. A project of this size is quite a handful to manage and funding is always a current issue at hand. There are different ways to support me or the charity I have chosen to support. Browse the webpage to read more.