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    PRESSMEDDELANDE Världsnyhet     Sju miljoner steg för fred! Jag kommer att vandra från Domkyrkan i Lund till Jerusalem. Resan kommer att sträcka sig över ca 4500 kilometer, i ur och skur, och ta drygt sex månader att genomföra. Jag gör detta för att sätta strålkastarljus mot vår allt mer instabila omvärldssituation och vårt drastiskt ökande behov av insatser för fred.   Under resans gång så kommer jag att arbeta intensivt med att genomföra intervjuer, publicera en videobloggRead More

Day 128 Reaching Patras

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My final day in Italy was a really good one, I felt strong and ready for the rest of this quest. Little did I know of what would happen in Greece and that in itself perhaps was a blessing. When I travel with ferries I always buy a ticket for deck You so would have Before cialis daily rinsing differences pre-authorization cialis generic online did other from buy viagra online answer TV – cheap pharmacy deodorant unusable surprisingly and cialisRead More

A slow news day…

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Today is a little bit like vacuum… All the sponsors I would like to have are contacted via mail, e-mail or phone. All the first press releases are sent. The clothes I ordered especially for this walk has arrived and the boots are ready for the road. So, what is to be found on the to-do list? Ok , there it was on the desk in my office. I knew it was too good to be true. The to-do listRead More

Day before the great day

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Today the Order is gathering for the vigil in the church of Saint Petri in Malmö. It will resemble of the medieval custom applicable to the squire who were about to be knighted the day after. It is an evening of contemplation and humbleness. It is also a reminder of the eight virtues that signifies the knight and how he is to lead his life.


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For several days now, me and Rebecca have been working more or less nonstop. It´s loads of work to be done. Making this website is quite an undertaking. Searching for pictures, writing it´s content, editing… The list goes on. And then we have the work with finding sponsors. Getting the funds together is also a handfull and then some. But, we´re not complaining! It´s very fun and we are learning something new, not every day, but every hour. Now, withRead More