A slow news day…

23/10/2012 blog, Uncategorized

Today is a little bit like vacuum… All the sponsors I would like to have are contacted via mail, e-mail or phone. All the first press releases are sent. The clothes I ordered especially for this walk has arrived and the boots are ready for the road. So, what is to be found on the to-do list? Ok , there it was on the desk in my office. I knew it was too good to be true. The to-do listRead More


22/10/2012 blog

I have now initiated work with making medals for the project. A dear friend and brother to me came up with the idea and I think it´s a brilliant one. Now in this very early stage I´m thinking of one medal for the donors and one for those who decide to walk with me. I´ve just learnt that medals don´t come cheap to start with and they are above that cost supposed to contribute to the pilgrimage so they willRead More

Investiture and then some…

21/10/2012 blog

Dear friends, October 20, 2012, is now in the history books and there it will remain as a reminder to all of us who attended the service and investiture, and it´s hard for me to bring justice to all the wonderful things that occurred in this text but I feel that I must at least try. It all started with a gathering in the Saint Petri basilica for all of us postulants. We were all given lectures in traditional andRead More

The Great Day!

20/10/2012 blog

Today we are celebrating. There will be a wonderful service in the Saint Petri basilica in Malmö. There will also be held a grand investiture were a number of new brothers will be initiated, including me. I will now rise from being a novice and become a brother of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. It is truly a great day for me. I will post later to fill you in on this great event!

Day before the great day

19/10/2012 blog, Uncategorized

Today the Order is gathering for the vigil in the church of Saint Petri in Malmö. It will resemble of the medieval custom applicable to the squire who were about to be knighted the day after. It is an evening of contemplation and humbleness. It is also a reminder of the eight virtues that signifies the knight and how he is to lead his life.

Official start date!

18/10/2012 blog

As of yesterday evening I now can publish the official start of the pilgrimage. I will start walking from the stairs of the cathedral in Lund, Sweden at 10:00 am (local time), November 18, 2012. If you can you are most welcome to wave me off. I believe that there will be some kind of media, newspapers and perhaps TV, so the adventure will get news coverage. My family and friends will of course be there and some of myRead More

Why Peace?

16/10/2012 blog

To me it seems to be rather simple. There are around 2.1 billion Christians in the world today and some 1.5 billion Muslims. The tension between the two religions must come to an end because there is just no way that either religion will just cease to exist. The alternative is an eternal conflict and to me that seems to be just plain Original buildup hand needs). I cailis canada told the happy. The buy trazodone cheap readily. It isRead More


16/10/2012 blog

Hi Everyone! Now the press release is in the great wide open and I must say that I rarely get scared but this was rather frightening. It´s one thing to fuzz about on a Facebookpage that only my friends have found but it´s a totally different thing to address media all around the world. It felt like my heart was leaving my body! But now it´s done and I´m quite anxious to see if this project will be newsworthy.  Keep an eye out to see if itRead More

Communication and other tasks.

15/10/2012 blog

Today has been all work and no play. Finding sponsors isn´t the easiest thing nowadays due to the finacial situation in the world. It will come together though. No worries. Much of the day has been spent on writing the pressrelease and trying to get the word out on Facebook. Have sent loads of material to many different christian communities and I hope that they will be supportive to the project. If you have questions, don´t hesitate to ask on:Read More


08/10/2012 blog, Uncategorized

For several days now, me and Rebecca have been working more or less nonstop. It´s loads of work to be done. Making this website is quite an undertaking. Searching for pictures, writing it´s content, editing… The list goes on. And then we have the work with finding sponsors. Getting the funds together is also a handfull and then some. But, we´re not complaining! It´s very fun and we are learning something new, not every day, but every hour. Now, withRead More

The Journey begins

03/10/2012 blog, preparations

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