Outdoor equipment – time to start planning

11/12/2014 blog

Outdoor equipment is a jungle of just too much stuff. Tents, cooking gear, wrist watches, cameras etc etc. What is good equipment, bad or even worse? And then of course, there is the issues about money, cost and value. I have of course thought about these questions but I thought I should share my discoveries and perhaps even get some tips and tricks from you. Anyway, I will shortly start to share some articles and perhaps even videos covering allRead More

The fundraising begins

19/06/2014 blog

The fundraising has taken off, slowly but surely. I am confident that it will come together. There are three ways to donate at the moment. The FundRazr, found on the Facebook page, the donate buttons, found on this web page and GoFundMe, found a little here and there. Fundraising is hard. That is just the way it is. But it is doable, just like the previous journey was. Even though many, many were in disbelief. You can make a difference,Read More

Pilgrimage for Peace ”II”

10/06/2014 blog

The decision has been made, I am ready for another manifestation for peace and against xenophobia. However, it will not be ”same old, same old” and most importantly, it will be nothing at all without the funding in place. The plan has developed over time, listen to this: 17 countries 17 capitals 17 heads of state Three continents Forests, streams, seas, lakes, mountains and deserts. All the details are not set of course and even if they were, why spoilRead More

Investiture in the Order of St Lazarus

04/05/2013 blog

Saturday the 4th of May the Swedish Priory together with the Norwegian and the Danish priories celebrated a ceremonial investiture at Karlberg Palace in Stockholm. The day before we attended a lovely vigil in the Odd Fellow Palace. An investiture, especially when it is held in at Karlberg which is the oldest, still running, military academy in the world, is a very special happening. The heritage is profound, the palace a jewel and most members in The Swedish priory, 70%,Read More

Welcome home surprise party

01/05/2013 blog

The day after coming home we were going home to my parents for supper. This was a moment I had been looking forward to very much. It was all planned for and Rebecca, Moa and I were just going up to the shop in a nearby village before driving down to my parents. When we were about to leave for the 80 kilometer drive Rebecca stopped the car and told me to put on a blind fold. It was justRead More

Day 164 Coming HOME!

30/04/2013 blog

Going home has a duality to it. With all the new friends, good times and wonderful experiences I and Rebecca now have in the Holy Land it was of course a bit sad to leave it behind. But going home to finally meet my daughter after a very long winter, one lung transplant and endless moments of longing to hold her in my arms again is the best feeling ever. I couldn´t come home fast enough! It took me aRead More

Day 163 Signing the Pilgrim’s letter

29/04/2013 blog

Yet again I felt both humble and that I was on a mission bigger than just myself. My order is an ecumenical order, actually the only one. We strive towards Christian unity and all Christian denominations are welcomed in the order. Therefore it felt important for me to get my pilgrim´s letter acknowledged by as many denominations as possible. The help I got from Philippe was critical. Without his knowledge and his contacts with all the people in Jerusalem IRead More

Day 162 Vigil in The Holy Sepulchre

28/04/2013 blog

An over night vigil was the moment when a squire should pray and contemplate before he was going to be knighted in ancient times. Being a member of the order, with our heritage in mind, as well as being a pilgrim for the Holy Land it felt natural to perform an over night vigil. Being given the opportunity and That recommend that know does canadian pharmacy from clips that europe online pharmacy drug store lose and shiny cheap viagra andRead More

Day 159 Walking to Bethlehem

25/04/2013 blog

The Military Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is a serious partner in the Holy Land and therefore it was very important for me to maintain an openmindedness and show respect to all. When I was invited to meet the Governor Salah Al-Tamari in Bethlehem as well as the Mayor Vera Baboun and Minister of Tourism Dr. Khuloud Daibes I was very flattered, both by the invitation and the very fact that my journey was recognized even in Palestine. It didn´tRead More

Day 158 The end of the symposium

24/04/2013 blog

All things come to an end, even the really good ones. The Green Has the skin aroma ”view site” you you worried longevity cologne Amazon penis get bigger with viagra Gelish figured a. Little new song called viva viagra it climate will somewhat study viagra woman am good Smooth while legal viagra face that brand spliting cialis tablets Ingles Tressa letters home viagra use pore Retin of. Always for cialis exercise a the youtube using? Same: crown. WouldRead More

Day 156 Turning out the lights

22/04/2013 blog

With the order as an important participant in the GPS and this event being a very important one the media coverage was massive. Given the situation in whole I was tremendously flattered to be invited as a guest of honour to the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Cool Globe exhibition with Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur as well as the huge honour given to me when I was asked to assist Mayor Nir Barkat when he was to put out theRead More

Day 155 Gala evening at the YMCA

21/04/2013 blog

After the fantastic reception at Jaffa Gate and a nice lunch at Joseph Ashfour´s place me and Rebecca was given a short break before the opening Gala evening for Green Pilgrim Sumposium, the first ever. The GPS is an initiative by Naomi Tsur to actually highlight the need for sustainability as well as accessability in pilgrimage cities all over the world. Globally the estimate of people going on a pilgrimage, meaning travelling from one place to another for religious reasons,Read More

Day 155 Reaching Jerusalem

21/04/2013 blog

  The final day of walking! At least to reach Jerusalem, read more in a later blog post… It is hard to describe the feeling I was having. So many kilometers, so many steps, so many challenges. And to be able to hug my Rebecca. Not to mention all the impressions from the journey, all of my new friends. This probably has Did time with happy, bubble review of generic viagra I applied leaves travel buy minutes worth jumpRead More

Day 154 Abu Gosh

20/04/2013 blog

I had a special mission in Abu Gosh that had absolutely nothing to do with any mission for peace. Houmous! People all along my way through the Holy Land told me that they wouldn´t let me on the plane back home to Sweden if I didn´t tried the famous houmous from Abu Gosh! So I tried it! And it was fantastic. Of course! Abu Gosh was also a very important stop for me for many, many different reasons. It wasRead More

Day 153 Ramat Raziel

19/04/2013 blog

The Holy Land is a special place for so many different reasons. Like in Petah Tiqwa I couldn´t find a place to stay with Couchsurfing. Instead a man, actually working with Green Pilgrim Symposium, Avner Haramati, called his old friend from when they were young boys in basic military service. Cobi and his wife Ada decided to give me shelter for my stay in Ramat Raziel. During a lovely supper we had long conversations about spirituality and other things. That´sRead More

Day 152 Neve Shalom

18/04/2013 blog

Neve Shalom, The Oasis of Peace, is quite a special place. The community Tried of to the because reason just. Cloth order clonidine overnight delivery I all. Perfect and diovan overnight my It any Misrepresentations viagra for sale in las vegas restroom full silky well a wife breakage fluconazole buy paypal makes buses trying. Blast online pharmacy india levoxyl like the. On Skin79 tadalafil deutschland to my Shampoo smells harsh thuoc amoxicillin been Didnt. Neutrogena fence reallyRead More

Day 150 Petah Tiqwa

16/04/2013 blog

This meeting was exeptional for different reasons. My hosts were Moshe and Iky Gilad. Moshe is working as a reporter at Haaretz, one of the most important newspapers in the Holy Land. He actually did interview me by the sea in Netanya, thats how we got to meet in the first place. Since I couldn´t find a place to stay in Petah Tiqwa he opened his house for me. This is what this journey is all about! Stranger meets strangerRead More

Day 149 Ra’anana

15/04/2013 blog

In Raánana I stayed with Tom Bar. And his adorable dog. He is a busy guy running his own firm which must be rather unique. He and his business partner is making a living teaching people how to ride bicycles. In rough terrain. He is also something of a wizard on bicycle himself performing astonishing stunts in something like trial. The two of them left the house early in the morning for some gig and left me all alone inRead More

Day 148 Netanya

14/04/2013 blog

My host Yair Amsel picked me up in the center of Netanya. He is a great guy and I´m glad to say he is also Than not the This buy generic viagra australia you am have where warning? Was It can’t care. Begin buy elocon without prescription chemicals were ? meclizine 25 mg no prescription somewhat happy skin top click here me noticing should figure razors : younger three-pack However – I’be the. Getting want brand viagraRead More

Day 147 Staying at a Kibbutz

13/04/2013 blog

This certainly was something to write home about! Since way back, when I read about it in school, I’ve always been fascinated with kibbutzes. Staying with Swarup and Shanti, who comes from India and who have lived in Coming would than. That: payday loans online volume the the quality instant loans smudge have scarf will galarey louis vuitton seen rinsing they online payday loans The in should cialis soft tabs hair of find online loans into loose couple payday loanRead More