Welcome home surprise party


The day after coming home we were going home to my parents for supper. This was a moment I had been looking forward to very much. It was all planned for and Rebecca, Moa and I were just going up to the shop in a nearby village before driving down to my parents. When we were about to leave for the 80 kilometer drive Rebecca stopped the car and told me to put on a blind fold. It was just a little surprise she said. It´s on the way she said. I really like surprises so I was quite exited. She drove and she drove… Suddenly the car stopped and I was helped out of the car and lead like a blind man. All of a sudden she told me to stop and then she removed the blind fold. It was a surprise party, in my very own home village! Everyone was there! Mum and dad, the rest of my family, friends, my pals from my old platoon,

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neighbours, villagers… everyone! It was such a nice way to be welcomed home! Thank you all for coming!


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