Day 164 Coming HOME!


Going home has a duality to it. With all the new friends, good times and wonderful experiences I and Rebecca now have in the Holy Land it was of course a bit sad to leave it behind. But going home to finally meet my daughter after a very long winter, one lung transplant and endless moments of longing to hold her in my arms again is the best feeling ever. I couldn´t come home fast enough! It took me a little more than five months to reach Jerusalem and only five hours to come back home but still it wasn´t fast enough! My dear friend and Brother Peter Dibéus gave me a lovely surprise at the airport in Copenhagen were we got off to take the train back. He had tavelled some 170 kilometers just to welcome us home. He´s such a sweetheart! The moment my daughter Moa and I shared on the platform when I got off the train in my hometown Hässleholm is probably one of the most important in my life.


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