Day 159 Walking to Bethlehem


The Military Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is a serious partner in the Holy Land and therefore it was very important for me to maintain an openmindedness and show respect to all. When I was invited to meet the Governor Salah Al-Tamari in Bethlehem as well as the Mayor Vera Baboun and Minister of Tourism Dr. Khuloud Daibes I was very flattered, both by the invitation and the very fact that my journey was recognized even in Palestine. It didn´t take long to decide that visiting Bethlehem had to be a journey on foot as well. Rebecca and I geared up for the walk and walked off. Just like that. All our knowledge about Palestine more or less comes from what we know from the news back home. It is of course not the most inviting news coverage but we felt confident enough. If one has an open mind and an open heart most things will actually come to the best. We were given a wonderful reception by the Church of Nativity and the scenes from Jaffa Gate repeated themselves! After that we all went for a nice lunch and I got to speak for a while with Governor Salah Al-Tamari. Bethlehem surely has a place in my heart now!


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