Day 155 Gala evening at the YMCA


After the fantastic reception at Jaffa Gate and a nice lunch at Joseph Ashfour´s place me and Rebecca was given a short break before the opening Gala evening for Green Pilgrim Sumposium, the first ever. The GPS is an initiative by Naomi Tsur to actually highlight the need for sustainability as well as accessability in pilgrimage cities all over the world. Globally the estimate of people going on a pilgrimage, meaning travelling from one place to another for religious reasons, sums up to a half a billion people every year. The prognosis for Jerusalem itself is that the pilgrims as well as tourists will reach ten millions by 2020. Of course this is putting an enormous pressure on infrastructure and resources. The Symposium gathered descision makers from all over the world and during three days problems as well as potential soulutions were discussed. The Military Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem were of course one the partners in this event and therefor it was natural for me to talk about my story about my pilgrimage in a round table session the next day.


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