blog The fundraising begins

The fundraising begins

The fundraising has taken off, slowly but surely. I am confident that it will come together. There are three ways to donate at the moment. The FundRazr, found on the Facebook page, the donate buttons, found on this web page and GoFundMe, found a little here and there.

Fundraising is hard. That is just the way it is. But it is doable, just like the previous journey was. Even though many, many were in disbelief. You can make a difference, you can make it happen, and this is how you do it.

Share the Facebook posts, talk to your friends and ask them to join this cause. It does not take much by each individual, but if many joins the team, it will come true. Just imagine if everyone who liked the Facebook page decided to donate the equivalent to a pizza or two beers, lets say 10 euros. That would add up to 20 % of the total budget needed.

This journey will take its toll on me and my family. Being away from home, walking through high risk environments, putting myself on the line. Some might

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say, do not bother then, stay at home. That sort of mentality will certainly not be of any help working towards any kind of solution and awareness.

Get this mission going! Send it along the way! Be sure that it will have your signature on it! Make a statement!

When you donate, you put your name on the mission.


You will find it on

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