blog Pilgrimage for Peace ”II”

Pilgrimage for Peace ”II”

The decision has been made, I am ready for another manifestation for peace and against xenophobia. However, it will not be ”same old, same old” and most importantly, it will be nothing at all without the funding in place.

The plan has developed over time, listen to this:

  • 17 countries
  • 17 capitals
  • 17 heads of state
  • Three continents
  • Forests, streams, seas, lakes, mountains and deserts.

All the details are not set of course and even if they were, why spoil it all. This walk will be the walk of all walks, believe me. So, if you want it to happen and you want to be a part of it all, spread the word. Help getting the funding in order and when all is set, join the adventure for peace. It is

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true like it is said; It is not just about talking the talk, it is about walking the walk!

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