maj 2013

Investiture in the Order of St Lazarus

04/05/2013 blog

Saturday the 4th of May the Swedish Priory together with the Norwegian and the Danish priories celebrated a ceremonial investiture at Karlberg Palace in Stockholm. The day before we attended a lovely vigil in the Odd Fellow Palace. An investiture, especially when it is held in at Karlberg which is the oldest, still running, military academy in the world, is a very special happening. The heritage is profound, the palace a jewel and most members in The Swedish priory, 70%,Read More

Welcome home surprise party

01/05/2013 blog

The day after coming home we were going home to my parents for supper. This was a moment I had been looking forward to very much. It was all planned for and Rebecca, Moa and I were just going up to the shop in a nearby village before driving down to my parents. When we were about to leave for the 80 kilometer drive Rebecca stopped the car and told me to put on a blind fold. It was justRead More