Månad: mars 2013

Day 134 The Greek adventure

Continued from Reaching Patras… The next two coming days of walking was fine. I managed to walk in accordence to the weather, which was a lot warmer. All was fine until I came to Selianitika some 60 km east of Patra. Having found a place to stay with wifi I started to upload all material […]

Day 128 Reaching Patras

My final day in Italy was a really good one, I felt strong and ready for the rest of this quest. Little did I know of what would happen in Greece and that in itself perhaps was a blessing. When I travel with ferries I always buy a ticket for deck You so would have […]

Day 125 San vito del Normanni the last stop in Italy

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Day 124 Ostuni the white city

I had to find a B&B in Ostuni. Just getting a place to sleep and where I can be alone with my own thoughts is also good every now and then. ”Signora MaryGrace” provided just that and a totally extra ordinary view of the White City and the Adriatic Sea. She also helped me with […]

Day 123 in Locorotondo

Antonio picked me up at the café I was waiting in and we went to his place. He is working as a finacial consultant and he has rather strong ideas of why Europe has this economics crisis. It was most interesting to listen to his opinion and I must say that we agreed in most […]

Day 122 in Noci

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Day 120 in Santeramo & day 121 in Gioia

Meeting the Panzarea family and Giancinto in Santeramo and Gioia pretty much is what Couchsurfing is about. Openminded and friendly people who gladly gives a helping hand when needed. Having discussions both about the problems in the world in large and Italy and perhaps some solutions as well is what this manifestation hopefully can result […]

Day 118 in Altamura

The landscape is getting flat. At last! On the other hand that means that it’s possible to build straight roads. Very straight and looong roads. I could see Altamura for the better part of my day of walking. Fortunatly it doesn’t bother me that much anymore. I just keep walking. It’s just a matter of […]

Day 117 in Gravina

In Gravina I was welcomed by a lovely host. We talked about the Couchsurfing as an idea and how it worked. Anna had her vision clear to herself. Even though she is very openminded she is also very careful, as all good mothers should be. She told me that she check the user profile very […]

Day 115 in Tolve

Tolve is hidden among the hills which border to Puglia. It is still quite demanding to walk but the scenery makes it worth it. I always spend a lot of time thinking about the bigger questions during this journey but this area probably has inspired me the most. So far. I couldn’t find Couchsurfing here […]

Day 112 in Potenza

Potenza means power and that was exactly what I needed to refuel my batteries. I stayed with a fantastic host named Eva. She lives in the oldest building in Potenza and it is shaped like a Of washing Beauty. Worked where to buy cialis in singapore deterioration ! nice I order viagra online ireland to […]

Day 111 in Tito

Mountains and more mountains. Getting through the Basilicata region is not a walk in the park for a lot of reasons. One of them was the complete lack of places to stay. No Couchsurfing, no B&B, no hostels and no hotels. So, what to do? Keep on walking. And did so for a looooong day […]

Day 109 in Serre & day 110 in Sicignano

The rain just kept falling and as if that wasn’t enough I was now climbing high up in the mountains (again(!)). Trying to stay dry is rather pointless when you are actually walking in clouds. Serre is a lovely little village and I can reveal that you can find the best pizza Diavola there! Molto […]

Day 107 in Salerno & day 108 in Battipaglia

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Day 104, 105 & 106 Days of rest

Pierluigi is a not only a lawyer, he is a fantastic person and a wonderful host. I stayed for two nights in Nola to rest for a bit. I also met some of Pierluigi’s friends when we went out for pizza. He drove us to Naples where the original pizza come from. I of course […]