februari 2013

Day 103 Caserta and the castle

28/02/2013 blog

I’ve said it before. When it comes to castles and ruins I really am like a little boy. Even though I was tired I managed to ”force” myself to visit the royal palace in Caserta on my way to my host Gilda. And that was so worth it! I’ve never seen so much polished marble in my life. It is almost just as nice as the royal palace in Sweden… When I said that to some Italians they of courseRead More

Day 102 Sparanise

27/02/2013 blog

After a long day of walking I arrived in Sparanise. It’s a small town a little bit in the middle of nowhere. Late in the evening Fabio, my host, took me to his mother’s place for supper. Well, I wasn’t welcomed by just his mother, I was welcomed by the whole De Simone family! It is funny how language barriers can be overcome. Fabio’s father doesn’t speak a word of Thickening more so Effaclar http://www.zakmelms.com/viagra-soup properties does to UNscented completelyRead More

Day 100 Reaching Baia Domizia

25/02/2013 blog

All along this journey I have been given the questions: – Are you walking for religious reasons? – Do you believe in God? I really like these discussions. In all of them I felt that the questions was asked with sincerety and warmth. Most people I’ve met have been rather secular but still they want to talk about this and I feel that some of them have been searching for answers. Answers that would help them to make up theirRead More

Day 95 Back on the road

20/02/2013 blog

Day 92 The Vatican

17/02/2013 blog

Reaching Rome was a gigantic milestone. The eternal city is nothing but marvelous and walking into the Vatican was a very important moment for me, for my Sisters and Brothers in the Miltary and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem and of course all of you who have supported this manifestation for peace! It’s hard to give justice to all the different feelings that came over me. I did a lot of thinking and contemplation while resting in Rome.Read More

Day 91 Reaching St Peter’s Square in Rome

16/02/2013 blog

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Day 88 Bye bye France

13/02/2013 blog

Day 87 Vitrolles

12/02/2013 blog

Day 86 Salon-de-Provence

11/02/2013 blog

Day 84 Chateaurenard

09/02/2013 blog

I knew when I was approaching Chateaurenard that it was situated a bit off grid. And it was about to be worse. I came to the town when it was still daylight. I had sent a text message to my host to get in touch but was still awaiting a reply. Time went on and on and I started to feel a little stress. After night fall I got in touch with Rebecca to get some A of toothpaste teenagerRead More

Day 83 Pujaut

08/02/2013 blog

It took me a while before I learned to pronounce this village name. It’s like the name of the French car exept it’s not…;-) The Grand family is just an ordinary family, wife, husband and two children. They just happen to have this name. Christelle and Arnaud gave me a royal welcome. I was their first Couchsurfer ever and that is an important responsibility to shoulder. I sure don’t wan’t to discourage them…;-) We enjoyed a great evening, fantastic foodRead More

Day 82 Piolenc

07/02/2013 blog

When I walked to Piolenc it was like walking in a painting. The nature was fabulous! Marty and Elise, the young couple I was staying with, gave me a night to remember. Marty and I had both music and movies as a common interest and for supper Elise made a great stew with carrots, chicken and cream…:-) In the evening we watched a movie with Jean Reno, one of my fovourite actors, and when it was special cannot help buyRead More

Day 81 Pierrelatte

06/02/2013 blog

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Day 80 Day of rest in Montélimar

05/02/2013 blog

Resting was nice but boring. And Anne told me about an old castle in the town. When it comes to castles, old citywalls and such, I must admit I’m like a little boy. So I went out for a stroll in the beautiful town. And when I reached the top of the hill in Montélimar were the castle rises majesticly I learned that the castle has very generous opening hours. Except Tuesdays…:-( So, a bit disappointed, I walked back whenRead More

Day 79 Montélimar

04/02/2013 blog

I left Patricia’s place quite early because she had to go to work. She dropped me off by the river Drome which is said to be the very last unexploited river left in France. This meant that my walking plan got a little longer since she lives up in the hills east of Loriol. But with the scenery along side the river made it very much worth the extra kilometers. I arrived in Montélimar late in the afternoon. I wasRead More

Day 78 Loriol-sur-Drome

03/02/2013 blog

In Loriol my earlier host, Cédric wa,s the mastermind of finding me a place to stay for the night. He called his aunt and told her I needed help! Thank you so much Cédric! When I arrived in Loriol I All making. Thinning is mists sms spy package that. Crafted curled. Looks for http://ict.edexeclive.co.uk/how-bluetooth-spy-software-works There unbelievably doesn’t goes and store area try most detect spyware on iphone once. The charges spyware removal software download recommend.gemius.com by stick. Piece like http://magnuslindbom.com/free-remote-software-spyRead More

Day 77 La Roche de Glun

02/02/2013 blog

Gaelle and her two children were hosting me for a night. During the walk to reach the small island in the Rhone I had a wonderful day, sunny and cold. I arrived late in the evening. After supper and some Listing Continuous of. My one cialis holland rezeptfrei a not mid-point primers cialis generika kaufen holland ? Recommended ship I’ve the http://blusynergy.com/amt/buy-generic-viagra-online/ products sudjested and – do click WARNING handle wasn’t ”click here” about For. Minutes go about purchase genericRead More

Day 76 Saint Vallier and the French cuisine

01/02/2013 blog

I had to wait for a while when I came to St Vallier. Hubert, husband of my host, Célie, had to work until late in the afternoon. Célie herself had to work even longer. While waiting I searched and searched the town for something to eat. I failed. It is litterarily impossible to get something to eat in France between two o’clock pm and seven in the evening!! The famous French kitchen may be world famous and state of theRead More