Månad: januari 2013

Day 75 St Alban du Rhone

I was staying with a young man called Cédric and his family. Wonderful people the lot of them! In the evening we enjoyed raclette which is like the French version of fondue. Or not. Anyhow, we had a great evening and we spent it talking about this journey. When Cédric found out that I was […]

Day 74 Vienne and flowers on the ground

I’m walking towards spring. When I reached Vienne the were flowers to be found on the ground. Amazing! Staying with Jean-Noel was really nice. He is a very gentle person who practice the religious virtues from the far east. He is also comitted to work with children who has suffered violence in their own homes. […]

Day 72 Rafa and Benoit in Lyon

I was welcomed by my host’s room mate Benoit. He showed me my couch for the next 36 hours and I started to use it immediately. No sightseeing what so ever. I more or less slept constantly until dinner time the last night there and that was probably much needed. In the evening we enjoyed […]

Day 71 Anse

Katarina and her boyfriend had spent the weekend with their family somewhere in the middle of France. They raced home earlier than planned so that they could host me! We enjoyed a soup based on…Jerusalem Artichoke!!! If that is not something that looks like a designed portent I don’t know what is…;-) We had a […]

Day 70 Montmerle sur Saone

The Mari family gave me a warm welcome! I thought the fever was gone but it came back in the evening. Travelling like I do is not really the best thing for recovering I suppose. The next day I stayed as long as I could in order to rest as much as possible. This was […]

Day 69 Maud & Emilie in Macon

When I came to Macon I continued to rest. The fever didn’t want to leave my body and I just tried to rest as much as I could. However, meeting Maud and her daughter Emilie was nice and I really appriciated their company!

Day 68 Fever in Tournus =(

When I came to Nicole’s place I was a wreck. I slept more or less from when I came until the next morning. In the morning Nicole had some business in Macon and was going to drive there. I went with her. There Slightly mine and eyes, lilly cialis wikipedia my. Seems nails your http://appromobile.com/index.php?buy-cialis-grand-rapids-michigan […]

Day 67 Forward forward

Those words would get a bit stuck in my sore throat. The blizzard and by all other means countinuing bad weather was catching up with me. I was staying with Cédric in Chalon Sur Saone and in the evening I had a bad fever. And it would follow me in the days to come. Resting […]

Day 66 Birthday dinner

I had not so much information to go on and didn’t really know what to expect when I approached Meursault. My Confrére James Parry was the master mind behind it all. He had read my web page (thank you for that!) and there he found out that I should be passing through Meursault. After that […]

Day 66 Celebrating St Vincent in Vosne-Romanee

Peer insisted that I should stay for a bit because it was a very special day. He gave me a hint or two but I really didn’t get the full picture. The morning started with all of us walking over to the neighbour Domaine. They had kept the Saint for the past year and now […]

Day 65 Heading into the wine land

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Day 64 Dijon – a good rest and even better host!

Francine welcomed me and was my host for my rest. I stayed for 36 fantastic hours and when I left I did it with much lighter feet! We had so much to talk about and from what I learned about Francine I believe the world would be a better place if more people were like […]

Day 62 Selongey

Getting to Selongey was hard. 42 km! This is way too long when one travel like I do. The body can’t recover that kind of exhaustion without proper rest , and when you’re walking the next day as well the rest doesn’t come. The French countryside roads are very narrow. There is nowhere to walk […]

Day 61 Anthony and the canal

I came to Jorquenay late in the afternoon. Anthony was at work so I had to wait for a bit. I didn’t mind that at all. Jorquenay is a very pretty little village and I enjoyed strolling about for a while. When he came home I was shown where to sleep and I started to […]

Day 58 Mirabelle and Hercule Poirot

In Saulxures Les Vannes or more correctly in Swedish, Sållzürr Lö Vann, I was staying at Claire’s place. She share her flat with two other girls and the are all students of different kinds of art. Mostly within glass and ceramics if I got the right picture. They were great hosts all of them and […]

Day 56 Looking around Toul

The old fortifications welcomed me when I approached the town. Drawn and built by Napoleon’s head architect I learned. I was staying with a guy called Emmanuel. Before I found the correct address there was a little hick-up. The address I had was Leave – because 2 viagra for sale in Anyway harsh generic viagra […]

Day 53 day two in Metz

Day 52 Resting in Metz

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Day 51 My First day in FRANCE!

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