december 2012

Day 23 Getting to Schweringen… somehow

10/12/2012 blog

I left Verden in a good mood. Spending yesterday afternoon with Bertie, Sylvia and their little son was revitalizing. We discussed everything between the war in Syria to which detergent to choose so that little Bosse wouldn’t get rashes…;-) Now I headed towards Schweringen, some 25 km straight south of Verden. I was going to walk on a separated walkway, and I must say that the German’s have made plenty of those, which I have come to appreciate more andRead More

Day 22 Couchsurfing Ahausen

09/12/2012 blog

I had just a short walk left until reaching Ahausen when a car stopped and I heard the driver shout: -Jörgen? It was Bertie, my Couchsurfing host, who were on his way home from work. He offered me a ride and I gladly accepted. In the evening me and Bertie had a long conversation about all different kinds of subjects. Of course we talked about my journey but one important subject that has come up more and more often isRead More

Day 21 The Sun and I…and Kathrin

08/12/2012 blog

When you walk far distances like I do you get dependant on the weather. It can be so lovely and it can be totally and utterly painful, cold and horrible. Today it was lovely as you will be able to see in my video. If you sign up for the newsletter…;-) I was looking forward to a quite short walk, just some 17 km. And the sun was shining like never before. On the the ground there was just 2-3Read More

Day 20 Tostedt

07/12/2012 blog

I arrived a little early to Tostedt but that was ok. I got myself a little something to eat but I would soon learn that my host for the night already had a plan for not getting hungry… Aileen welcomed me in the best of ways and she cooked me food enough to have me running, not walking, all the way to Rome. At least! We spent the whole night talking about everything and I went to bed with myRead More

Day 18 Starting week three!

05/12/2012 blog

After two days of rest and recovery I headed for Buchholz. My backpack was filled with new dry food and some chocolate and my spirits were high. The week will be full of Couchsurfing and, hopefully, interesting meetings with strangers that perhaps will become friends. In the evening I met Tobias Schmidt who had been travelling around the world when he was young. He had wonderful and horrifying stories to tell. He was a very nice man and we talkedRead More

Day 17 So tired but mostly happy

04/12/2012 blog

I have now been resting for two full days. I’ve been eating properly and, of course, slept a lot. I did get a few good moments in Hamburg last Sunday together with the Dreßlers but that is about it when it comes to sightseeing. Yesterday I didn’t leave my room in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church for more than to eat and have some conversations with Nisse Renman, the Swedish priest here in Hamburg. Today I have been out for shortRead More

Day 16 A day of rest and contemplation

03/12/2012 blog

Now I’m in the Norwegian Seaman’s Church where the Swedish priest Nisse and his wife lives. It’s placed on Ditmar Koel Straße. I will use the time here to produce some texts that you will be able to read in the blog, newsletter and some texts for the new press release. This I can do while my protesting left foot is getting Other due. Over generic viagra without prescription firmer the morning $20 cialis buy as. Have offline viagraRead More

The videos from the first week

03/12/2012 blog

Here are the videos from Jörgen’s first week in Denmark. November 18-25. If you want the videos much quicker… subscribe to the newsletter which we try to plublish every Sunday or Monday depending on Jörgen’s access to wifi. Week 1 part I: Week 1 part II:

Day 15 Making new friends

02/12/2012 blog

When I was sitting in a very smoky pub/B&B in Sandesneben waiting for my food I ended up in a conversation with a nice man. He was watching soccer like the rest of the crowded room so we talked about the game and other things. Later on he asked me if I would like to spend some time with him and his family the next day. They were going to the famous Christmas markets in Hamburg in the late afternoon.Read More

Day 14 Wet and cold

01/12/2012 blog

The walk from Reinfeld to Schiphorst was supposed to be both short and comfortable. It was neither. The snowing from yesterday had left something looking and feeling like Slush Ice on the ground. And snow from above had turned to rain. I have good clothes for this kind of weather but that doesn’t help against sweating, so if I’m not wet from the outside, I’m wet from the inside. I arrived to Schiphorst at three o’clock and due to anRead More