Day 41 How to reach Brühl – The hard way

28/12/2012 blog

I left Luca’s place with high spirits. That was good, I needed to start on a high level. I just didn’t now that when I started…

It was supposed to be a short walk with a ferry over the Rhein and just a short walk. When I came to Lülsdorf I learned that the ferries were all canceled due to high water. The last weeks’ heavy raining has made the river wild and perhaps a bit too dangerous to cross.

When you are walking like I do, without access to the internet, information is somewhat medieval. You know when you actually see it. So, to cross the Rhein it was to go up north again and find a bridge. I wasn’t so happy at that moment. Especially not since I could see Brühl with my own eyes standing there on the shore line…

When I late at night finally reached Klaus and Marion’s

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house in Brühl I needed to rest. Badly.


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